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Caregiver Support

Do you take care of a family member who is older or who has a disability? Do you take care of a grandchild? Do you need a break from caregiving?

Who Can Get Help

If You Are Raising a Grandchild

The National Family Caregiver Support Program provides support for the growing number of older people who care for children. This program can help grandparents or other relatives (55 and older) who are caring for a child 18 or younger. Call 1-800-252-9240 to learn more.

If You Are Caring for Someone Who is Older or Who Has a Disability

All caregivers need a break now and then. These breaks are called respite. If you don’t have a family member or friend who can help out, you may be able to get help from one of the resources below:

  • The Take Time Texas website has a database of providers who offer respite services.
  • Call 1-800-252-9240. Your local area agency on aging (AAA) may be able to help you find services in your area, help arrange for those services or provide short-term relief.
  • Some Medicaid programs pay for short-term relief for caregivers. Call your local HHS office to learn more.
  • Your local authority may pay for short-term relief for people who care for someone with an intellectual or developmental disability. Call your local authority for more information.

Where Do I Call to Get These Services?

Long-term care is kind of what it sounds like — services that you will receive for a long time. Sometimes services can be provided in your home. Other times you may get help in a facility, such as a nursing home.

If you are older or have a disability, there may be some things you no longer can do for yourself. Call 1-855- 937-2372 to talk to a trained professional who can start you on the road to getting the services you need.

How Do I Find Someone to Provide My Long-term Care Services?

Click on the links below to search for and compare companies that provide long-term care services in Texas: