Respite is an important resource to families to help provide a break, a support in a family emergency and to create new learning opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. It also provides a way for the community to respond to community needs. The Network is set to develop a volunteer respite program to families of Gregg, Harrison, Marion, Panola, and Upshur counties. Community Living Network’s Faith Based Respite Mini-Grants Program provides grants not to exceed $1,000 for purchases that support Faith Based Respite start up or expansion. Each grant will be individualized to that church/association and would provide funding for volunteer training, adaptive equipment, and/or other needs specific to that entity’s needs and support an inclusive setting. These funds can be used to for a variety of things such as training or purchase of training materials for CPR & First Aid, seizure management, positive reinforcement, etc. It can include adaptive equipment for feeding, positioning, toys, etc. It can include audio visual equipment such as headphones, cds, dvds, monitors, etc. Anything the team feels would help with the start up or expansion. For more information or to learn how to apply please contact the East Texas Aging & Disability Resource Center at (903) 295-5922
Mini Grant Faith Based Respite:
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