The Community Living Network’s Mini-grant program is a neighborhood based program which builds on the engagement of residents being the key to creating healthier, safer and stronger neighborhoods and communities. Parents, Self-Advocates, or persons with a passion for disability issues can come together in groups of three or more to apply for a mini-grant of up to $500.00 for neighborhood residents to work together on community improvement projects. Some of these projects can include activities such as Music or Movie Night, or a community garden. Please submit to Patti Brady:

Applicants will be reviewed by:

  1. Consultant for Asset-based community development (ABCD)
  2. Project Advisory Committee
  3. Texas Council of Developmental Disabilities (TCDD) grant specialist
  Here is the criteria that will be used to select applications for funding. Resident Involvement
  • Will other neighborhood/community residents be involved in the implementation of the project?
  • Will other neighborhood/community residents benefit from the project?
  • Will persons with disabilities and their families be involved?
Benefit to the Neighborhood/Community
  • Will the project benefit the neighborhood/community as a whole?
  • Does the project address an important neighborhood/community issue?
  • Does the project address an important issue for individuals with disabilities and their families?
  • Is the project stated in clear terms?
  • Does the applicant appear to have a clear understanding of what it will take to successfully implement the project?
  • Is the requested funding and list of purchases realistic for the project?
  • Does the proposed timeline appear doable to complete the project?