About Housing Navigation Services

The East Texas Aging and Disability Resource Center is dedicated to promoting safe and affordable housing in the East Texas Area by providing more options for people to choose where they want to live. There is a great need for additional accessible, affordable housing in the 14 counties we serve. Through the Housing Navigator grant, we work diligently to establish relationships with independent rental owners, property managers to share availability of properties and developers who wish to bring additional affordable housing to our area!

The purpose of this grant is to provide education and assist key stakeholders such as Housing Authorities, Property Owners and Developers in providing additional affordable, accessible housing in the East Texas Aging and Disability Resource Center’s 14 served counties.


If you have questions or would like to know more about our Housing Navigation Services, please feel free to contact our Housing Navigator.


Karen Holt
Housing Navigator
East Texas Aging and Disability Resource Center
501 Pine Tree Road U16 Longview, Texas 75604
Ph: 855-937-2372 Cell: 1-903-918-8885